I have had an on-line business for four years and felt I needed someone to help me get my product recognized.  Michelle has given me great ideas, based on her own experience, on how to reach people and let them know my product exists. I would highly recommend her. —A.C., New York

As someone who already felt aware, awake and observant of my own patterns, I was immediately struck, in our first session, by Michelle’s capacity to elicit deeper and deeper looking from me. Intuitive listening and deep compassion mix with a no-nonsense, laser-beam focus on the questions and concerns I bring to each session. Michelle has a natural poise that encourages the same of her clients: cultivating the ground where truth, creativity, passion and desire can flower, by clearing the weeds of hesitation, inertia, and inner critique. I am grateful to be her client and highly recommend Michelle in any environment where taking things to the next level are paramount to your goals.

A.D., North Carolina



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